Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology

MS Powder Systems Milestones

1991 Foundation of MS Oberflächentechnik in Altstätten
1992 Development of the Tribo Gun and Control System
1993 Foundation of the MS Oberflächentechnik AG
Development of the Sandwich Powder Cabin
1995 First Fast Color Change-Powder Coating System
1996 New Building of the Office and Factory in Balgach
1997 Development of PC Control System for powder coating
1998 Development of Robotic with Z-axes
1999 Building of the assembly hall at Wegenstrasse
2000 Over 100 MS powder coating plants all over Europe in use
2001 First powder coating robot in use
2002 Development of RDF
2003 First MDF coating plant in use world-wide
Founding of a sub company in the USA
2004 First robotic plant with 19 axes
2005 Qualispray the first remote controllable and modular powder coating system
2006 Founbding of the sub company in Lecco, Italy
New patented electrostatic control system
2007 Development of the Open Door cabin system
2008 Further development of the MDF second generation
2009 Development of the Ultrasonic Sieving System full automatic Horizontal powder plant
2010 Fully automatic Horizontal powder plant with automatic color change in 3.5 minutes
2011 First MS clean room belt - Fast Color Change Plant
2012 Development Easypaint
Further development FCO - Fast Color Change System
2013 New development of Vertical System V60
2014 New development of MS Topcoat
2015 New building "MS Technology Center"
2016 Entry to the Carlisle family


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