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RansFlex RFXi

Universal Water Based Paint Compatibility

Sprays straight from your regular paint pumps or pressure feed tanks without the need for expensive isolation tables or enclosures.

World Renowned DeVilbiss Atomisation Technology

For superior atomization and finish quality.

Ergonomic Fit and Feel with easy to use Controls

The curved gun handle required less “grip-force” with a softer trigger pull which means users experience less joint or muscle strain reducing the risk of RSI and operator fatigue. On/Off voltage switch is on the gun.

Triple Turbine Protection

Three phases of turbine protection include a divorced turbine air supply cartridge, sealed nozzle/atomisation passages and the strategic turbine location provide a long trouble free working life.

The all new RansFlex RFXi 65kV spray gun delivers features and benefits thatsurpass all other electrostatic applicators.  RFXi is a low pressure air atomising electrostatic spray gun powered by an  inbuilt turbine generator. Designed with the operator in mind, the handle incorporates many fit and feel improvements with better balanced weight to reduce operator fatigue.

RFXi uses indirect electrostatic charging technology which means there is no longer any need to isolate the waterborne paint feed containers or paint pumps with expensive isolation cages or tanks, saving users significant expense and floor space.

DeVilbiss World renowned air cap atomisation technology is coupled with Ransburg electrostatic power to provide superior atomization, transfer efficiency and performance, all backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Typical applications
  • Aerospace industry
  • General Metal spraying
  • Marine and Yacht applications
  • Commercial and off Road Vehicles
  • Intricate metal components and parts
  • Plus many others…
360 View

360 View

  - Carlisle Fluid Technology
  - Carlisle Fluid Technology


All RansFlex RFXi guns are covered by our extended five year "workmanship and materials" warranty.

DeVilbiss TI-40 Air Cap

Probes built into the air cap horns for ease of
painting in tight areas. Applicator atomisation
components stay cleaner with no probe in the fluid path to get dirty or damaged.

  - Carlisle Fluid Technology
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Ransburg RansFlex RFXi Indirect Electrostatic Manual Spray Gun

Specifications RXi
Applicator Length: 254mm (10-inches)
Weight: (Without Hose) 600 grams (21.3 oz.)
Hose 79727-XX Lengths (Std): 10m, 15m, 20m, and 30m
Operating Voltage: 45kV DC (-) maximum
Current Output: 140 microamperes maximum
Paint Resistance:* Waterbased paint only with grounded source
Part Sprayability: Determine sprayability of part to be coated using
Ransburg 76652 Test Equipment
Fluid Flow Capacity: 1000 ml/minute
Wetted Parts: Stainless, polyethylene, nylon, acetal polymer
Operating Pressure (Air Spray)
(0-6.9 bar) 0-100 psi
Air: (0-6.9 bar) 0-100 psi
Ambient Temp.: 40°C to 5°C (104°F to 32°F)
Air Consumption (With Voltage): 438 SLPM (15.4 SCFM) @ 2.8 bar
(40 psig) @ Handle Inlet
Sound Level: 92dB (A) @ 2.8 bar (40 psig) Inlet, 1m from applicator

*Waterbased paints and fluids must be classified as non-flammable spray material.



Ransburg RansFlex RXi Electrostatic Flyer - Carlisle Fluid Technology

Ransburg RansFlex RXi Electrostatic Flyer

Sales Literature for Ransburg RansFlex RXi Electrostatic Spray Gun

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For use on the materials below:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Other Substrates
  • Primer
  • Basecoat
  • Clearcoat


  • Aircraft & Aerospace
  • Agricultural & Construction Machinery
  • Automotive OEM & Tier 1&2
  • Defence & Military
  • Domestic Appliances & Electronics
  • Drums & Containers
  • General Industry
  • Leisure, Caravans & RV's
  • Marine, Shipping & Boating
  • Rail, Truck & Bus
  • Trade Coaters, Stove Enamellers
  • Wood


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Part Numbers

Part Numbers

RansFlex RFXiLP 65kV

Part No Description
80445-X11100 RansFlex LP RFXi 65kV with air cap, tip, no air or fluid hose
80445-X11105 RansFlex LP RFXi  65kV with QD for air, air cap, tip, no air or fluid hose
80445-X11101 RansFlex LP RFXi  65kV with air cap, tip, 10m air hose, no fluid hose
80445-X11106 RansFlex LP RFXi 65kV with QD for air, air cap, tip, 10m air hose, no fluid hose
80445-X11111 RansFlex LP RFXi 65kV with air cap, tip, 10m air and fluid hose
80445-X11116 RansFlex LP RFXi 65kV with QD for air, air cap, tip, 10m air and fluid hose

X = Atomisation - please refer to the service manual for further information

Nozzle Selection 80383-00 / 80239-XX-T Series
Nozzle Part Number For Use With TI-40 Air Cap P/N Colour Nozzle Size
80239-07 80383-00 LVMP/Trans Tech Black 0.7 mm
80239-10 80383-00 LVMP/Trans Tech Black 1.8 mm
80239-12 80383-00 LVMP/Trans Tech Red 1.2 mm
80239-14 80383-00 LVMP/Trans Tech Grey 1.4 mm
80239-18 80383-00 LVMP/Trans Tech Green 1.8 mm

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